GATES Hydraulic Hoses & Belts

Three times stronger and last 50% longer

GATES Hydraulic Hoses & Belts at Billy Moran and Sons

‘GATES Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of power transmission belts’

GATES Hydraulic Hoses & Belts

We supply only GATES brand hydraulic hoses which are highly recommended and noted for their quality and effectiveness. GATES hose are three times stronger and last 50% longer than your standard non branded hose. All our hoses and fittings are GATES brands and we have a comprehensive selection in store for all makes and models of machinery. Hydraulic hoses can be made while you wait with the facilities onsite to do so.

It is advisable to bring the old hose when you require us to make you a new one; as fittings and hose sizes can range in many sizes.

Our special GATES hose machine ensures hoses are 100% sealed with the hose fitting so you can be guaranteed no leaks. Our hydraulic hoses come in two wire and four wire types ranging from ¼” to ½” & other sizes. Fittings can range from BSP, flat face, Metric, shells, coupling and quick releases.

We also have a large stock of GATE branded belts for plant machinery and other excavators.

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